Wednesday, 2 September 2015

4 Things To Keep In Mind While Choosing An Office For Hourly Basis

Compared to the previous decades, working mechanisms and trends in the corporate world has changed a lot. Things have become much more flexible and companies, especially small and midsized ones, have become open to adopt new strategies to enhance productivity and retain a workforce. This explains why a section of organizations have drifted apart from the age –old traditional 9-5 workplace schedule. Multiple shifts are being used in entities to help the employees find balance between their lives and company needs.

These changes in mindset have paved way for rise of co-working spaces worldwide. There are several advantages the companies and their employees can obtain by using co-working spaces.
However, there are a few things you should remember when opting for co-working spaces:
·         Flexibility of operations- For any company seeking growth, flexibility is a prerequisite. When choosing a co-working space setup, analyse if it allows your company to operate with ease and adapt to changes in team size.
·         Enhanced professional and social networking- When you work in a shared workspace facility, interaction with co workers and people is inevitable. While you may not bond well with everyone, it is very likely that you will find some people who may be of use professionally in the long run. So, try to find out the number of people working there and how many start-ups are sharing the space!
·         Reduced overhead costs- For small business owners and start-ups, opting for a shared workspace makes sense. In such setups, you need not bother much about incurring overhead costs. So, you will need to find out how many facilities like wireless internet and printing can be availed in such setups at low cost.
·         Suitable timing- You may not feel like adhering to regular work hours. Therefore, it is important that you find shared workspace that enables you to work at your preferred timing.
Other aspects to keep in mind
Before you opt for a co-working space, analyse your business needs well. In such workspaces, a few limitations may exist. A shared workspace might be noisier than what you like and a few people around may be difficult to get along with! However, these minor issues are not necessarily deal breakers if you find the aforementioned advantages in such a setup. 

Thursday, 27 August 2015

3 Reasons to Choose 24*7 CoWorking Spaces for StartUps

Our generation has been observing a lot of shift in a lot of things, be it choosing the leaders to maintaining political balance of our country, switching to online lectures than sitting in lectures, kitkat to lollipop, bending phones and the list goes on and on.
Now that we are in an era of shifting from the ancient methods, we are also observing a new rise of start-ups. The situation is that all around the country various start-ups are popping up each day or are in the process.

Now, unless you are very lucky and immensely able that you are able to build a multi-millionaire company by setting your start-up in a garage you need advice, you need finance and you need a proper working space. Start-ups lack the funds to set up a proper functional office and even if they do, to compete against those 100 other start-ups, what is required is more than just an idea. That is when the idea of 24*7 CoWorking spaces comes in.

Here are three reasons why to choose these shared office spaces.

1)     Adhere to your individual needs:

Co Working spaces take care of your individual needs. Whether you’re a freelancer who wants to come in part time for a twenty member team that needs privacy or informal seating, a conference room, an outdoor area, a functional pantry area, anything at all, they have it for you. So you can come at any point of time for your work as per your convenience.

2)     No Heavy  management costs :

They appreciate the fact that you are here to build something you are really passionate about, and the risk you are taking, so they make sure that you don’t have to worry about anything else apart from the company you are building. No management or micromanagement of costs, no leases and everything in one bundle.

3)     Services:
Many Co Working spaces also offer services that helps in the incorporation of company  , legal advices too are fulfilled and also you get a lot of advice  for support staff etc . The best part is that these services are available throughout the day and even on weekends.

And, who can forget high speed internet which is always available at these places.

Talking about the shift, people now-a-days cannot just stick to 9-5 jobs or boring office walls, ancient desks or even ancient desktops on their table. An office which just suits your needs, and cover all your needs, without any rules and easy on your pocket, that is bound to bring out the best in you and hence, best ideas for your start-up to flourish.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Top 5 Things to expect from co-working spaces

The modern day workload and way of working in today’s time is known for its flexibility and absolute originality. Never before has there been such a surge among youngsters to figure out independent careers, especially in India where until a few years ago parents decided what jobs their precious children should take up.
Professionals no longer stick to the orthodox 9-5 Job timings, instead they opt for freelance projectsthat allows them to chase their dreams while earning a living at their sweet time and pace. Some of us cannot handle the suffocation that comes with working in a corporate office space.
To service this growing client base, co-working spaces have sprung up in many cities all over the world. The following list is a compilation of 5 things that you can expect from a co-working space.

1)   Tech support
Although most professionals have a great working knowledge of all the gizmos lying around, some of us are closeted luddites with little or no knowledge about the new technology that governs our hand held devices and lap tops. Co-working spaces always have individuals who know virtually everything about the latest technologies. They will help you out from tight spots if required. You can be assured to carry out your task for the day with relative peace.

2)   Great working environment
 Your working environment will be great as you will not have to go through the extra effort of making faces and pleasing someone because you don’t know anybody else in a co-working space. Each individual has his/her work cut out for themselves and they pretty much stick to their own business. For people who are averse to any social interaction this is definitely a glimpse into heaven.

3)   No fixed timings
 Co-working spaces usually are on 24/7 and you can book a place for whatever timing is comfortable for you. It means that no more applying for sick leave whenever you feel like catching up with friends or going out for a movie. You are the master of your own time.

4)   Saving on your own costs
 Co-working spaces are generally aimed at people who are working for their startup. Anybody who is starting a new company on their own will tell you how difficult it is to manage the money. Co-working spaces enable people to breathe a sigh of relief as they don’t cost as much as renting out an entire office would.

5)   Social networking
 You will meet lots of people in the same situation as you but with no connection to you or your business. This makes conversing easy and all the more exciting. Unlike a corporate office where you have to behave in a certain way, co-working spaces offers a great chance at interacting and increasing your social circle.

So don’t just sit and ponder over the idea. Go book yourself a desk in one of these amazing co-working environments.

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

4 Reasons to Work in Co Working Spaces During Night

Co-working spaces are gaining a lot of buzz these days.With more and more people entering into startup fields they require a cost effective place to set up their offices. Hence co working spaces comes into the being. These shared spaces are having 24*7 accessibility of electricity,water,food alongwith facilities like IT support, courier,printing, meeting rooms etc.

As lot of startups have clients in countries that are having different time zones often they have to continue their operations during the night time which is the most authentic  reason for people to use co working spaces at the odd hours of the day.Following are the list of reasons why people tend to choose these places during night.

1.      Working atmosphere is great: It has been observed that during the night time it becomes easy to enhance the productivity of work. As there is less chaos both outside and inside the office, the environment of the place is good for people who want to concentrate on work. The reasoning and thinking power gets doubled.

2.      Less Costing: During the initial stages of business there is a limited structure and budget for each venture. Therefore it is necessary to check on costing on each and every thing. The prices during the night hours are comparatively less than the prices during day time. At times some of the co working places offer discounts for night shifts at various occasions.

3.      Easy accessibility to resources: During the night time it becomes easy to avail the resources like meeting rooms and conference halls due to less people in the co working places. Also photo copy machines and printers too are not crowded making your work easy.

Even the net accessibility too has good speed during night time as less people are consuming the network.

4.      Strong Social Network:As less people are there in office during night shifts, chances of strong bond among the coworkers are feasible. This in a way gives birth to innovative ideas and business partnerships. Likeminded people are able to interact more when there is less chaos.

Sunday, 5 July 2015

Co Working Spaces are the best offices on weekends

Gone are the days when every one was satisfied with their jobs , with the coming of new start-ups  people are getting influenced  in depth and whether you are a boy of eighteen or a working professional of 40 each one is looking forward to fulfil their dream of becoming an entrepreneur. During starting one’s own endeavour a person has to face a lot of problems and troubles. Finding an office culture for a start up without any kind of hassles becomes a problematic situation . Hence the Co Working spaces are the best sought after destinations for the start-ups , freelancers , small  budget companies to fulfil their working conditions in a better way both during the weekends as well as during the daily office days.

It has been observed that the co working spaces helps in the functioning of start-ups while maintain their budget in a proper way and manner . These shared offices not only offer facilities during the weekdays but for all those who require offices during the weekends as some of them have to function their services 24/7 while some of the people are working professionals and are starting up their venture while still being in the job. So for people like these the need to have office spaces on weekends are an ardent need.  Bangalore Co Working Hub being one such Co Working space located in the heart of Bangalore offers good facilities of office spaces both during the weekdays as well as on weekends too.
The benefit of these co working spaces for any start up that have a small team or any freelancer who works on projects is that they can have a great office culture as well as can built a networking in a very cohesive way . This way the working becomes very smooth and productive and therefore one can be in their office while working independently .
Another benefit is the availability of all the resources that are very necessary like great internet speed with high volume of wifi connection, photo state and printing options , desk to work upon and good facility of food and tea to keep one calm and satisfied .
These shared offices are a great way to spend your working specially during weekends without any kind of distractions and hence you can now book your office seat during weekends too.

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Night Shift Offices are the Best way to Expand Your StartUp business

With the change in the work balance a lot of start-ups have to expand their business during the sleepy hours of nights . Away from the conventional method of 9-5 working these start-ups have to operate 24/7 as many times they have their client base in US and UK due to which the change in the working hours is highly needed. During this scenario it becomes necessary to operate offices during night shifts too. Now days a lot of co working spaces are offering the option of night shifts too wherein the entrepreneurs can conveniently continue their working during nights .

What is the best thing  during the night shifts is the fact that the productivity rates of the start-ups double up and the work too is done in a very defined manner .The budget of the start up  based entrepreneurs are always restricted and they look out for options wherein they can cohesively work both day and night . With the coming of this trend of  shared offices spaces and cheap night shift offices the start-ups can easily enhance their working at a much lower prices and within their budget .
During night shifts another major benefit to the start up business is that the speed of the net becomes quite fast and on can easily work on the wifi with a better speed and efficiency in the working during the night .As people consume less internet during the night therefore the speed becomes at larger efficiency.
But while the start-ups are planning to expand their business during the night shift they should also keep in mind certain areas before choosing or finalizing any place for the business. The place that should be kept  for your business during night should have good connectivity in terms of transport. It should not be at isolated or secluded places wherein delivery of food or commutation becomes difficult . One should prefer an office that is comprising of cafe or a food lounge with all the basic requirements of food. Having the food facility within the premises of the office will help you save time and energy of your employees thus increase in the productivity .
Another most important thing that should be kept in mind is the availability of meeting as well as conference rooms  as sometimes when you have clients in US and UK you have the need of conference rooms too.

Hence  by choosing a right place start-ups can expand their business during night shifts too.

Saturday, 20 June 2015

Shared Office Spaces A Boon to Start Ups

During the initial years the budget for start-ups are quite restricted  and due to which they had to face a lot of problems in  setting up their offices for business purposes .  Due to costing and finance related issues many a times the start-ups have to face  problems that lead them diverted from their mode of working thus causing a lot of hindrance  in their work. But in this coming of age shared office spaces are in great demand and trend .These co working spaces provide a lot of benefits to the start ups thus help them in sorting out their troubles in the most cost effective manner . Co working is not only providing the shared spaces options but  also nowdays becoming the most sought after office space for a start up as per the business savvy demands and need.

Hence following are lot of benefits that these  shared office spaces offer to the start-ups from the business point of view
1)      Shared Spaces offers Affordability : The best thing about these shared office spaces are that it easily fit into the budget of the start  up  and are affordable as per the heavy costs of the offices . The meeting , conference rooms , IT facilities etc are provided at a very low costs and thus one can pay on the use basis . Even tea and coffee related  facilities are offered  in the  small amount of price thus helps the start-ups to increase their productivity .

2)      Community Building is an Asset : Another most important thing that these shares offices are offering are the community building as well as community enhancement services which is automatically build up as a lot of budding and talented entrepreneurs shared the office with you that will ultimately lead to great exchange of ideas and will boost up your network . Thus it will help you gain much wider experience and knowledge of your portal. Various problems that you are facing too will be solved very easily and at a much shorter amount of time .

3)      Professional outlook: The greatest benefit of  these shared spaces is that they provide an essence of professionalism to your business through providing an official space through which your business can operate . All your letter heads , business heads , official mails as well as letters include your official address that these shared offices provide.

Hence  the start-ups should  opt for shared office spaces for their business in the initial years.