Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Why You should opt for Cafe Co-working Spaces over Cafes?

With the advent of new start-ups and emerging entrepreneurs, the concept of Café Co-Working too is growing at a rapid pace.  It helps in the availability of the facilities and all the necessary resources at the cost of the cafes. While the traditional working scenario for the start-ups was confined to the simple cafes that only provide coffee and few extra meals, the Café Co-Working Space is an amalgamation of much more than the periphery of a simple café.

Here are few benefits that you can enjoy while working in theCafe Coworking Spaces over Cafes:

·         Availability of Free Wifi, Food and Space:The best asset that is required within an office space is the provision of the professional culture along with the internet connection to carry out the task at a much faster pace. Unlike the conventional cafes that only offer food facility with some of the exceptions also giving limited wifi connection, these Café Co-Working places give you a full swing of opportunities to perform tremendously well with all the necessary features that are available at  a much economical rates.

You are able to get all the things that are technologically convenient and also a separate cubicle to work in an efficient manner. What more could one ask for?

·         Instant Office Space at the Nook: As a start-up entrepreneur you have to travel a lot on your own and sometimes require the office space to send an email or meet a prospective client into a professional atmosphere while having a chat over the coffee. These Café Co-Working offices are a promising feature in your travel as it gives you an ambience to develop networking as well gives you all the facilities that are required by you.

·         Available During Weekends: As an entrepreneur or a start up founder, sometimes you are working in a job and require office space where you can relax and work during the weekends. These Café Co-Working places are the best option to explore your work. Unlike the normal cafes that tend to get hooked up with lot of people during the weekends, these spaces are full of people with creative ideas and information that is beneficial for you as an early entrepreneur.

·         Strong Networking: While in the normal cafes the people who are coming and going have no role to play in your life, the Café Co-Working helps you build strong community networks that can foster growth and excellence in your work.

Hence, Café Co Working is having a much more promising work life than simple Cafes.

Friday, 22 January 2016

4 Reasons Why Co Working Space is good for smaller Business

Smaller Businesses or new entrepreneurs are always on the verge of having strict budget and have to accommodate the amenities as well as the necessary equipments within specific costs. Therefore Co- Working Spaces are the ideal solution for those who are looking for the office in a cost effective measure.

Here are the top 4 reasons for the smaller business to choose Co Working Spaces:
1. Ideal Place to Grow Team Space: Most of the small businesses either start from a room in the house or in cafe’s but as the team size will start increasing; it becomes difficult to keep the new hire in the home or to rent out a big office space. Therefore Co Working Space proves out to be quite beneficial as they rent out space accordingly. All you need to do is to hire a desk and get your new employees seated without paying huge amounts.
2. Builds Community: As a small business you are always on the lookout to get more and more projects which are necessary for the growth of the business. While working in the Co Working Space one is able to build strong community and enhances the networking. Through networking and community building you are able to get a much more exposure. Sometimes as a small business you lack the mentorship and skills that can enhance the productivity of your business. Through the help of CO -Working Spaces one is able to get the help, guidance and learn to adapt the necessary skills.
3. Cost Effective Support Staff:  With small business it becomes difficult to have a proper framework and good administrative services that will prove out to be quite supportive during the carrying out of your work from day to day. A lot of Co- Working Spaces are offering support staff services at reasonable rates that are quite affordable and cost effective.
4. Flexibility: As a new business you have to work 24*7 to enhance the productivity as well as the ROI of the business. This can only be possible if you have a sustainable and flexible work culture that will increase the possibility of achieving your targets by working on odd hours of the time. Co Working Spaces offer a lot of flexibility as well as great amount of scalability.
Hence, the bottom line is the fact that these shared office spaces helps in the growth as well as learning of the working culture of the small businesses.

Monday, 18 January 2016

How Food and Recreational Activities at Co-Working Spaces increase Networking?

Co-Working Spaces are gaining much popularity these days. There are lot of activities that are conducted in these places inorder to mentor and train the individuals, entrepreneurs, start-ups etc. These places offer great opportunities to mingle with the same people in the business domain. It enhances the networking in a great way. As Co-Working Spaces are a complete package the food breaks, lunch and amazing recreational activities help in building up the new friendships, bonds as well as lot of avenues to grow their work. It also increases  lot of networking opportunities.

Communicate During Eating
As coffee and eating lunch at Co-Working Spaces will help you meet new people who too are sharing the same place you can engage with them and discuss more about your work with the people you meet. Communication while having food parties or sometimes food  treats can increase the productivity, experience and ideas. The informal talks during food with help you strengthen your contacts. In the recent survey too it has been observed and noted that 60% of the co-workers prefer a  shared an office space that offers the facility of food even at the odd hours of the day.
Mutual Commitment During activities
It has been observed that from time to time the shared office spaces helps in making the atmosphere of the office a lively one through curating a lot of recreational activities. During these activities people from different business communities take part. A lot of entrepreneurs comes out in a team while conducting the activities. Through this, a great networking is build up through this. Working together during the activities will also help you explore more possibilities to work together.
Networking in Collaborative Events
As strong community building is one of the major services that is offered through Co-Working Spaces, therefore, these events always facilitates networking. The collaborative environment during these events promote the options and features of you having the great relationship with the fellow entrepreneurs.
Hence, the shared office spaces help in building up a strong community that is possible through the lunch breaks , food as well as during the activities that are going to be conducted at these places. During the coffee time or lunch parties the people are able to build up strong relations. The essence of networking at the shared offices can be experienced during these times of collaboration and community building.

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

5 Reasons to opt for Co-Working Spaces over Home Office?

During the initial days of the start up years the entrepreneurs are comfortable working at home in order to cut the costs. But it’s not often an easy thing to work at home and separate from the home lifecycle and the end result is that you start spending longer hours at work with less productivity than you will spend in the office.
Co-Working places exactly falls in the right direction at this part of time .They not only present the right working atmosphere and culture but also offer great amenities to work cohesively.

Here are few reasons that why one should choose a Co- Working place over the home offices:
1. Make You Look Professional- Remember image plays an important role in any business. Therefore Co -Working places gives you a much powerful image makeover of an entrepreneur. Giving a home address for business doesn’t look professional at all whereas the office address gives out a professional look to your business.
2.  Creates Good Work Environment- Co-Working Spaces have an atmosphere where people tend to work more creatively as well as there are more influx of ideas ,working strength as compared to the environment at home. The availability of conference rooms, productive networking spaces etc you are able to meet a lot of people alike which is not possible at home.
3. Avoid Isolation- At home you are the only one who is busy indulged into work while everyone else will be engaged in their daily chores. You might encounter the feeling of isolation and boredom. While at Co -Working places you are able to meet a lot of people with the same mindset and business acumen. Even if you get tired or bored at any instance you can sip a mug of coffee and can chat with other like minded entrepreneurs.
4. Increased Productivity- Working at home as it sounds can be more relaxing and comfortable that all you will do is to sit and sleep half the day while at these shared office spaces you are able to grow the chances of building more networks and make up your productivity. For a longer run you cannot sit in your pyjamas at home and work but you need to increase the productivity while going to an office which this shared spaces are best at.

5. More Stability and Sustainability- The Co-Working Space gives more stability as well as sustainability which is not able to achieve at home. It helps in building stronger bonds as well as networking.

Thursday, 7 January 2016

Kick start your business on coworking spaces

No budget to rent a complete office... 

No worries, just go for shared offices and boost your business.


Tuesday, 5 January 2016

How can Co -Working can help in business growth

Co-working is a concept through which business can come together and work in the shared environment with the sharing of resources. It can extend from a living room to a more professional Co-Working spaces bring hundreds of people across dozens of businesses coming under a single roof. Through interaction and community driven effort one can find a lot of help in their endeavours. There are lot of advantages that one can grow the business through these shared office spaces.

Collaboration Takes Place

As a lot of businesses are working on the same platform, therefore, a lot of business cam grow through the help of collaboration. If you are looking for any kind of developers, marketers or for those matter designers you can find the right calibre over here and can choose the synergy required by you. Through associating with the businesses you are able to foster much growth. Even you will find a lot of mentors who can guide you to follow the right direction while you are dependent on people.

Great Networking

As networking facilitates in the promotion and growth of the business, the co-working space acts as a catalyst that will help in the growth of social networks. At these spaces, the environment is such that enhances the business relationships through networks. You might find your next reliable client in the person sitting next to you who too might be looking a person with the same capabilities like you
Gain Business Advices

A lot of times there are weekly or fortnightly training programmes, mentorship as well as workshops that are arranged by the members of the Co-working Spaces that will help you garner the skills and capabilities to develop the business leadership. You will also be able to know the first-hand experience of start-ups on how to pitch the investors, reach the targeted audience, marketing campaigns etc. A lot of assistance you will get through these spaces from the people around

Foster Partnerships

A lot of business partnerships are grown through these offices or the shared spaces as you have more possibility to get the prospective clients as well as projects.


Apart from this, you will also be able to get the cost effective solutions through the spaces where you don’t have to leverage higher costs and from time to time will get the major discounts as well as perks from these co-working offices.

Sunday, 8 November 2015

Why to Choose Co- Working Spaces over Cafes during Weekends?

Co-working has become quite a trend today and has slowly seeped into the corporate world giving entrepreneurs a chance to combine a few elements of work and play. Many start-ups prefer co-working space for the simple reason that it offers an affordable means of operating a systematic work environment. If you’re working on weekends co-working space is an economical choice for most entrepreneurs -
1. Come across Qualified Individuals

Co-working space offers entrepreneurs the time to socialize with a wide range of professionals. A lot of young freelancers harness the positive energy and creative productivity in a co-working space during the weekends. You know how hard it is to actually incorporate your focus on a weekend project however a co-working environment actually keeps you in a productive mindset amongst professionals with whom you can enjoy intellectual conversations with.  Co-working spaces offer a variety of economical weekend packages for entrepreneurs who cannot afford the expense of renting an office.
2. Get a Personal Boost
Co-working environment creates an ideal setting that can boost productivity and motivates you to brainstorm ideas. Co-working gives you a chance to build your network and come across potential clients. A lot of businesses come across skilled employment or a prospective customer during the weekends that helps build professional relationships. Enjoying a cup of coffee in a co-working environment generally builds a comfortable ambiance for your potential clients who can relax and engage in hearty conversations regarding your services. 
3. Finding Brand New Ideas
Co-working space also offers the luxury of weekly packages that equip you with several resources at hand. A co-working environment is perfect for weekenders since it offers a unique blend of professional and personal flexibility. It provides a social security that is absent in a regular offices. Weekends invite a number of young entrepreneurs who are hard working and disciplined. What’s better than a co-working environment to indulge in professional discussions with analytical minds, professionals who can assist you solve a problem at work or perhaps give you innovative ideas?
4. Having Fun at Work
Whether you pick a weekend to work or chose daily packages, co-working environment is perfect for those entrepreneurs who can’t catch a break. While co-working space does push your mind to function at its best, it allows entrepreneurs to develop their social skills and enjoy