Friday, 29 August 2014

How Coworking Offices are Changing the Way We Work

Say goodbye to café houses, your kitchen countertops and offices for working as the culture of coworking is fast developing as a viable option for both entrepreneurs, independent workers as well as organizations and small businesses to get things done.

Earlier, freelancers and independent workers faced great barriers while trying to identify places to work – usually ending by hopping from one coffee house to another for client meetings and then finally getting the work done  from their home or from a library.

Well, enter coworking – your one-stop solution for all your workspace woes. The concept of coworking basically involves people from different work sectors and industry areas coming together and working in a collaborative work environment. Sharedoffice communities like the Bangalore Coworking Hub even offers the option of arranging team meetings and client meetings in their conference rooms to promote increased productivity.

You may say that with a virtual office space, you get the same benefits of a prestigious business address and a meeting space when you need it. However, coworking offices take this idea a few steps further by offering you one or more of the following benefits-
  • Professional Work Space for you and your team
  • Low cost for the physical workspace
  • High speed internet facilities
  • Meeting and conference facilities
  • Power backup
  • Collaborative work environment for interaction and networking with fellow coworkers
  • Opportunities for business
  • Security Services
  • Regular office cleaning services, and much more.

Thus, it is seen that the benefits of coworking in increased productivity, cost saving and overall happiness and well-being is much more as compared to a traditional office or a home office. Besides this, shared offices, being a hub for startup companies and emerging entrepreneurs are abuzz with enthusiasm and creativity – which often becomes contagious and diversify within the work environment.

It is but natural that when you are sharing a physical work space with other like-minded individuals who are working hard to make it big and progress in life, you are often motivated which, in turn, leads to an acceleration in your own personal work efforts. Moreover, such communities are often the attraction points for larger businesses and conglomerates to search for talents and new ideas and who knows, when you particular business concept might attract the interest of such an organization for investment!

Thus, coworking offices like the Bangalore Coworking Hub provide coworkers a tremendous opportunity to think outside the box and progress in a competitive market, while at the same time, helping them to lower their business overheads and liabilities.

Friday, 25 July 2014

5 Signs You Need A Coworking Space

Though working at home is a huge perk for some freelancers, some people actually find they work much better when they get up and go to an office and are surrounded by other people (even if they may not be directly working with them). That’s why the new startup Deskcamping may be some freelancer’s dream come true. The company was launched by London native Nick Couch in December. It allows city businesses and co-working spaces — many of which normally charge by the month — to rent out free desks to freelancers by the day or week.

The site is still in beta and has more than 100 New York users and 68 locations across Brooklyn, Queens and Manhattan that have been listed since its inception. “If you have space and you bring in people, it has a massive impact on the culture,” Couch told The New York Post. There is an extensive questionnaire for the freelancers to fill out.  They are asked to provide specifics on their businesses and what their most conducive working space looks like (noise level, culture, space, etc.,) Some of the spaces Deskcamping hooks up freelancers with include Fueled Collective, Ensemble and Projective Space.

But New York isn’t the only place these coworking spaces are opening up., a coworking news site,  reports that the number of people using coworking spaces more than doubled between 2012 and 2013, and nearly 1,000 coworking spaces are now in operation across the U.S., with more expected. So what are the signs that you are better off finding one of these spaces and not working from home or in a coffee shop?

1. You aren’t getting any work done. This is probably the most obvious sign. If you are really struggling to be productive at home, then you must consider other options. Find yourself searching for a snack every 15 minutes in your kitchen? A coworking space might be a godsend for your productivity.

2. You crave human interaction. Even though you may have hated some of your former coworkers, there is something about being around other people when you are working hard that helps you get through the day. It’s also just nice to have people to complain to about, well, everything! But it’s also nice to just make small talk with people or discuss “Game of Thrones” plotlines. If you find yourself missing water cooler chat, and gchat isn’t cutting it for you, a coworking space might be a great choice.

3. Your home is distracting. Even if you may like working from home, there may be other people in it that prevent you from getting stuff done. Or, it just may not be a conducive work space. Perhaps there is construction nearby or your internet isn’t that reliable or your neighbors 1-year-old makes more noise than you’d like. A coworking space would help with these home distraction issues (plus the aforementioned every-15-minute-snack-hunt).

4. You need to meet with clients. Many of these office spaces have meeting rooms you can book or common areas. This is much better for a meeting than your studio apartment or trying to find a table at a crowded coffee shop.

5. You need a great space. Some people just need a great working space. They need a lot of light and beautiful windows. Not all coworking spaces are gorgeous but many of them are pretty cool looking. Research shows that loving where you work does make a difference in your productivity. Inc. put together a gorgeous list of 16 beautiful coworking space - we dare you not to be inspired to spruce up your space! Read more on Alleywatch

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Why You Should Consider a Coworking Space for Your Business?

With rising number of start-up companies, entrepreneurs, freelancers and independent consultants, it has become increasingly important to define your workplace and be a part of a collaborative work platform.

If you’re from the start-up community yourself, you must have often heard that the key to success is not only to be more productive and creative but also to surround yourself with other like-minded individuals. And for this, there are few better and cost-effective ways to do this than a flexible coworking space like Bangalore Coworking Hub.

Fun, Friendly and Collaborative, such shared office spaces provide the ideal work environment with a host of additional benefits that can help to manage their business costs to a considerable extent. Even for an established corporate house, these benefits of coworking are certainly hard to ignore.

Professional Work Space without Long Term Lease – Whether you’re part of a start-up or an established business, coworking spaces offer the best option if you want to cut down your business expenses while maintaining a professional work environment. With rising real estate prices, it becomes hard to commit to a certain amount of space, especially when your business is still in the growing phase. It will also be a problem is your business suddenly feels the need to relocate to a different place or requires a smaller or larger space.

Networking Without Any Effort – For most companies, a major part of their business development strategy lies in being part of networking events, seminars and conferences. This usually takes a lot of time and prior planning. However, with shared office or coworking spaces, you could simply meet dozens of people with interesting projects by working alongside them all day. Moreover, many spaces organise meetups and networking events that facilitates interactions between people who might be able to help each other.

Legitimate Discussion or Meeting Space – Granted that working from home might seem like a great idea for a freelancer or a start-up venture. It’s comfortable, flexible and best, you won’t need to spend extra on the physical work space. However, let’s face it – it’s hardly a place where you will be able to invite your clients for any business interaction. By being part of a coworking community like Bangalore Coworking Hub, you will not able be able to operate your business but also have access to discussion and meeting rooms, which can lend some credibility to your business meetings.

Boost Self Confidence – As compared to working from a traditional work space, surveys have found that a majority number of people operating out of a coworking office have got a self-confidence boost. This is mainly due to the fact that such spaces are filled with supportive communities that enable creative collaboration.

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Top 5 Indications That You Need a Coworking Space

We often believe that working from home as a freelancer or as an independent consultant helps us to save on the initial costs involved while starting up. We believe that this way we can work from the comfort of our home and leverage our business in a cost effective manner. However, this is not often the case as many of us find that we are more productive when we work from an office and are surrounded by other like-minded individuals. At the same time, we have to consider the high cost involved while working out from a commercial office space. This is where coworking offices or shared office space like Bangalore Coworking Hub come into play providing effective solutions to the start-up community.

So, if you're wondering what are the signs or indications that you need a coworking office space and not work from home, read on:

  1. Your Work Productivity is Low: If you’re working out of your home, mostly you are bound to face many distractions that might affect your productivity level. For instance, you might want to go to your kitchen every few minutes for a snack, watch television or attend to your household chores. So, if you’re struggling to be more productive at home, a coworking office might be your answer. They provide a professional work environment where you will be able to work without any distractions.
  2. Looking for Networking and Interactions: Whether you are a freelancers, a startup professional or an independent consultant, networking is prime for the growth of your company. To further your business, it is important to meet other professionals for networking and collaboration. So, if you are missing on all these while working from home, a coworking space might be a great choice.
  3. Cost Management: If you believe that you can manage your business costs by working from home, then think again as a coworking office space can also help you achieve the same with added benefits.
  4. Client Meetings: Most of the shared office spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub have client meeting rooms which you can book depending on your requirements. This is certainly much better than scheduling a meeting in your apartment or at a crowded coffee shop.
  5. Added Benefits: There are some additional benefits as well when working from a shared office platform like high speed internet connection, security services for your systems, power backup and so on which are included within the membership charges making it much more convenient for you than working from home.

Friday, 27 June 2014

Can’t Afford Office Space? Select Shared Office Space for Your Business

Starting up a business and worried about the cost implications of renting an office space for your employees? We all know that office space can be a real drain on resources for most new and emerging businesses. 

With the 11 to 12 months lease terms and advanced security deposits required while leasing or renting an office, it becomes very difficult for startup companies and even emerging businesses at times to provide such long-term commitments. Even well-established companies today think creatively and out-of-the-box  to come up with smarter and better saving options for their business in terms of office space.

The Solution

A great and innovative way to avoid any such added costs to your business is by opting for a shared office or coworking platform like Bangalore Coworking Hub for your company. Being flexible, such office spaces allow you to opt for membership with the minimum commitments – even by months.

Added Benefits

It's true that one of the biggest benefits of such coworking office spaces is the reduction in liabilities and low cost. But that’s not all! Today, coworking spaces offer companies and professionals much more than the mere physical space from which they can function. It provides a great platform for companies who are looking to increase their business footprint and network with other professionals and like-minded people. With more and more companies identifying the many benefits of shared offices, they have become the ideal platform for fostering collaboration within the business community.

Another benefit is that such spaces enable you to foster a productive work culture for your staff and employees. You get motivated by being in the company of other startups who are constantly working to take their business to the next level. You will also be able to share and exchange ideas with their other companies and create stronger working relationships that is essential for the growth of your business.  

This also allows smaller companies to cut down the time required to find space and make it fit for working like setting up internet, phone lines, security and cleaning services and also maintain these services as everything is included in an office package. Furthermore, you also have access to other benefits like conference rooms and meeting rooms. All you would need to do is connect your computer or laptop and start working.

From getting to know your fellow coworkers to getting a referral and hiring an efficient employee – the possibilities of business development are endless while working from  a shared office space like Bangalore Coworking Hub. So, interact, collaborate and leverage your business by associating with a shared office space.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Different Ways to Use Coworking Office Space for Business Cost Management

Cost management is a prime focus area for start-ups and businesses to improve efficiency, slash any hidden costs and boost your bottom line. One of the key areas that companies need to address is looking for alternate ways to manage their infrastructure costs.

With real estate prices on the rise, often new and emerging businesses are faced with the challenge of deciding how to manage their office infrastructure costs. Addressing this very concern are coworking spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub – a unique way to help you plan your business expenses according to your specific requirements.

Unlike working from home, coworking office also provides additional benefits to the independent workers, freelancer or start-up company such as opportunities for collaborating, networking and mentoring. These benefits, coupled with the flexibility available at such shared office spaces, have, in fact, facilitated the growth of the start-up culture.

Check the different ways you can use coworking office space for managing your business costs:

Expansion Without Added Commitments: One of the many perks of using a coworking office space is flexibility. Such a facility enables you to manage a team in a professional work environment while you set-up a business from home. You don’t have to worry about arranging for facilities like power backups or internet connectivity or office furniture. 

All these are taken care by the coworking space, thereby freeing you from all these added commitments. You also have the flexibility of expanding your team whenever you want to without having to move to a new territory.

Setting New Branch: If you’re looking to expand your operations to a new location, you can take care of the hassle of initially setting up a new office by opting for a coworking space. This will not only assist you to curb your business costs, but also manage your employees remotely while they work from a professional shared office platform.

Outsourcing: For companies looking to outsource their work to a new company or a freelancers in a different location, using a coworking office is the best option. By setting up a shared work environment, you will be able to easily lower your business liabilities, while at the same time, monitor the work being done remotely by the outsourced agency or consultant.

It is a known fact that the practice of coworking or sharing office space has boomed among the startup and working community in recent years. This is mostly due to the different companies looking for ways to cut down on overheads and get a chance to brainstorm with their peers. However, these very firms are also starting to put new spins to the concept of using coworking spaces to get greater traction, boost profitability by lowering costs.

Thursday, 5 June 2014

11 Lesser Known Advantages of Shared Offices

If you are looking for low overheads, speedy set-up and great networking opportunities then shared offices are the clear winners here. Shared offices are known for their variety of advantages that not only reduce costs but also increase your profits. Common benefits itself seem to attract business owners towards this option but along with these benefits shared offices such as the Bangalore Coworking Hub has many lesser known advantages as well. So have a look at some of these advantages which make this option even more beneficial for your business.

·   Working from home tends to blur the line between home space and work space due to the many distractions. In a shared office you can enjoy the flexibility of your home as well as the professional environment of your office, therefore creating a balance.

·     At shared office spaces, furniture such as desks and chairs are already provided. This conserves time for you and helps you get your other work done.

·         If you are a freelancer working from a shared office, you get the opportunity to meet people who are travelling in the same boat. This helps you become a part of the community and increase your network.

·         The environment in shared office spaces is very flexible compared to traditional offices. You can enjoy socializing when you are too stressed with work or you can work productively in a quiet work environment when required.

·        At shared offices, you don’t really have a long term work commitment. If you are having problems in the workplace with other people or don’t like the vibe, you can quit at your own convenience.

·        Most co-working spaces hold fun seminars and workshops for all the employees which will help you learn something new. Some of these workshops may help enhance your working skills as well.

·         The availability of conference rooms to meet with clients is another great benefit. If you are an independent consultant or a freelancer, you have the availability of a meeting room to discuss with your clients. These meeting rooms can be booked as and when required.

·         The fact that a number of offices from various industries work under one roof makes it easier for you to know people from all sectors in the corporate world. You tend to engage with more people from different walks of life.

·   Shared offices provide flexibility in terms of rent which can be extremely convenient for companies that are looking to expand in the near future.

·         Such co-working spaces are generally located in prime business locations which are really helpful for start-ups and emerging businesses. Generally individual offices at such locations would cost a lot of money and put you in a spot.

·         Access to your workplace at any time and security is another good reason to opt for shared office spaces.  These places are generally guarded 24/7, which means security of your office and its valuables is something you don’t have to worry about. 

Shared office spaces like the Bangalore Coworking Hub are an economical and practical way to control costs while benefiting from the prestige associated with a fully managed business center. But these lesser known benefits act like the cherry on top of the cake. Now making the choice shouldn't be too tough for you!